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Mexico: San Cristobal to Chiapas – The First Frontier

Nestled snugly between Oaxaca and Guatemala and Belize is the Mayan gem that is Chiapas. Consisting of mountainous highlands, dense sub-tropical rainforests, Spanish colonial towns and Mayan archaeological sites this travellers wonderland has enough going on to keep even Alice’s head on a swivel. We based our lives in the central and incredibly charming San […]

Mexico City: The Far Side of the Wall

Mexico City, one of our favourite cities, ever. From its glorious gastronomical delights to some crazy cultural traits, don’t skip it out of fear!!

Mexico: Beginner Guide to Mexican Food

Mexico: Beginner Guide to Mexican Food

This is a rough guide to the most typical dishes available based on what we’ve tried, trying to take the confusion out of ordering at the many food stands.