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Central America: 14 Things I Never Knew About You

Central America

The golden bridge that connects North and South America, the seven Central American countries combine to create a whole new world that eagerly waits to be explored. Chilling beside Caribbean coastlines, rich with volcanic hotties, lush rainforests, those ‘you can only dream about’ beaches and home to captivating sunsets, indigenous ruins, evolving cities and the […]

Nicaragua: The Corn Islands To Ometepe (Without Flying)

We left Little Corn on a Thursday morning, caught the passenger ferry to Bluefields, and made our way to Managua. From here, we went directly to Ometepe, without stopping in Rivas. We’ve put together a simple step-by-step-guide to show you exactly how we did it, and even though we were exhausted after the 28 hour […]

Nicaragua: A Little Slice of Paradise called Little Corn Island

The Corn Islands

If you pass through Nicaragua, one sure place you will hear travellers speak highly of is The Corn Islands. And now, we rejoice and join those people in ‘bigging up’ these tiny islands. It has been on our bucket list to visit a Caribbean island, so when we heard of two small paradise islands off […]

Nicaragua: Laguna de Apoyo to The Corn Islands (via Land & Sea)

The Corn Islands Adventurous Route: Unless you plan to travel by air, searching how to travel to The Corn Islands from mainland Nicaragua can be an extremely tedious task. With no concrete information, lack of timetable or any informative website and little transport options. It’s no wonder many opt in to head straight to Managua […]