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Peru: Travel Huanchaco to Huaraz (overnight bus)

​For the quickest and most cost-effective way to travel overnight from Huanchaco to Huaraz, welcome. You’ve come to the right place.

You can of course plan accordingly and spend the day jumping from one local bus to another but us Ungracefuls are budget chasers and thus both pro ‘night travel’ travellers.

We thought it best to save our last day in Huanchaco for the beach knowing we had a simple, safe, affordable and stress-free evening of travel ahead, and as always, it saves on a night’s accommodation.

Table of Contents:

Pre Book The Nightbus:

Movil and Lineas are the only two companies that run overnight buses from Trujillo. Two very reputable and reliable bus companies I might add.

Movil has a bus leaving at 9.30 pm and another leaving at 10.30 pm, both arriving in Huaraz between 5 am and 6.30 am.

Whereas Lineas has just one, leaving at 9.30 pm

Note: Most definitely prebook, no later than the morning you plan to leave. We booked ours the evening before. These buses tend to fill up fast.

From Huanchacho:

If you’re staying in Huanchaco, there is no need to travel to Trujillo just to pre-book.

Facing the pier, turn left down the beach towards the police station. Across the road is a money exchange office. Book your tickets here and if you’re lucky, the kind gentleman behind the counter may also give you some free sweets!

We booked the 9.30 pm bus with Linea at 50 sol(€14) per person.

From Trujillo:

If you’re in Trujillo, pop over to either bus terminal (in Peru, each bus has its own terminal rather than one united front), Both terminals are within walking distance from each other.

Credit card holders can easily book online via the companies’ website or sites such as

From Huanchaco to Trujillo:

Whatever company you choose you will need to get your butt to Trujillo.

You won’t miss the red Huanchaco public buses that frequent the sandy streets. And at 1.70s (€0.50), to get to either Movil or Linea bus stations in Trujillo, take the ‘H’ bus.

The ‘H’ is displayed on the front left-hand side of the windscreen.

For the night bus, we recommend you leave Huanchaco no later than 8 p.m. and keep some time for any contingencies.

Once on the ‘H’ bus, mention to the ayudante what bus terminal you need to get off at, sit back and relax.

Either way, you won’t miss the terminals and your stop. The overly sized logos, hissing busses and small crowds are the first telltale signs.

We were very pleased with the comfort of the Linea bus company. No issues whatsoever and with comfortable cama-bed seats, pillows, a blanket and a small snack on departure; we are more than happy to recommend.

Safe travelling folks. Huaraz awaits!



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